Crypto-backed Stablecoin PIE on EOS
Interest-Bearing & Optionally Privacy-Protecting

Be Part of PIEOS Community

by participating in PIEOS SCO (Stake-Coin-Offering)

Stake EOS tokens on PIEOS SCO contract to receive PIEOS governance tokens and staking profits (EOS REX / voting rewards), without spending EOS. (No ICO)

*Stake-by-Proxy-Voting* will be supported soon. (proxy-voting to PIEOS proxy account without sending EOS, but receiving less (1/4) PIEOS tokens)

PIEOS Overview

PIE, crypto-backed stablecoin providing optional privacy-protecting transaction features and interest-bearing savings accounts on EOSIO blockchain

PIEOS SCO (Stake Coin Offering)

The PIEOS governance tokens are distributed through the PIEOS SCO (Stake-Coin-Offering) token distribution process, where EOS holders who stake their EOS tokens (or proxy-vote to PIEOS BP-voting proxy account) can receive PIEOS tokens without spending their crypto asset. (No ICO)

PIE Stablecoin on EOS Mainnet

EOS holders can issue (borrow) USD-pegged PIE stablecoins by locking EOS as collateral. PIEOS will provide multiple collateral types and pegging to other currencies or assets like BTC-backed PIE, VOICE-backed PIE and so on

Stable & Secure

The total supply of PIE stablecoin is fully backed by the crypto collateral without the counterparty risks, through the automatic liquidation of loan positions. PIEOS provides 'SELL-TO-ARBITRAGEUR' and 'LOAN-TAKE-OVER' liquidation options.

Optional Privacy-Protecting Transactions

Privacy-protecting token transfer service for the PIE and PIEOS governance tokens implements the Monero-style privacy technology (ring-signature, one-time stealth address, bulletproofs) as smart contracts in EOS blockchain. Privacy features will be implemented to comply with the crypto-currency travel rules as much as possible (e.g. limiting privacy-protecting token transfer amount for accounts without KYC)

Interest-Bearing PIE Savings Account

PIE can be deposited to the on-chain PIE savings account service to gain stable and profitable interest earnings. PIEOS is designed to maximize the interest-earning rate of PIE savings account service by distributing the PIEOS on-chain system profits.

DeFi-centric EOSIO Sister Chain Launch

PIEOS community will launch a DeFi-centric EOSIO-based public blockchain from the snapshot of PIEOS token distribution after establishing a good PIEOS ecosystem on EOS mainnet.

Running EOS Mainnet Block Producer

The PIEOS system is expected to get a sizable amount of delegated voting power from the locked EOS collateral tokens on PIEOS system and the SCO-staked/proxy-voted EOS tokens. PIEOS community is dedicated to contribute to build the healthy DeFi ecosystem on EOS public blockchain.

PIEOS System Design

PIEOS Smart Contract System on EOSIO Blockchain

PIEOS System Architecture

PIEOS System & PIE PIEOS Tokens

PIE Stablecoin

Issuing, paying-off and liquidation of EOS-collateral backed USD-pegged PIE stablecoin

Privacy-Protecting Transactions

Optional Privacy-Protecting Transactions of PIE and PIEOS Token

PIEOS Roadmap

PIEOS Project Timeline

  • May, 2020

    Founding PIEOS Builders

    Organizing Initial PIEOS Development Team

  • July 15, 2020

    Starting PIEOS SCO

    PIEOS Governance Token SCO (Stake-Coin-Offering) on EOS Mainnet for 1 Year Period

  • Q4, 2020

    PIE Stablecoin System

    Deploying the PIE Stablecoin System on EOS Mainnet

  • Q2, 2021

    Privacy-Protecting Transaction System

    Deploying the Privacy-Protecting Token Transaction System on EOS Mainnet

  • July 15, 2021

    End of PIEOS SCO

    Finishing PIEOS SCO (Stake-Coin-Offering) Governance Token Distribution

  • Q4, 2021

    Launching PIEOS Public Blockchain Network

    PIEOS community will launch a DeFi-centric EOSIO-based public blockchain

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